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Physical Scientist

Government Accountability Office
Dist. Columbia, United States
8 days ago


Are you looking for opportunities to be at the intersection of science and policy and apply your science and technology skills to help the Congress and the nation?  If so, please check out our job announcement for a Physical Scientist with atmospheric/climate change or environmental chemistry expertise.  Location options include:  Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Huntsville, Oakland, and Washington, D.C.

About GAO 

GAO, often called the "Congressional Watchdog,” is an independent, non-partisan agency that works for Congress. GAO examines how taxpayer dollars are spent and provides Congress and federal agencies with objective, non-partisan, fact-based information to help the government save money and work more efficiently. GAO’s core values—accountability, integrity, and reliability—and GAO’s people values—valued, respected, and treated fairly—are equally essential to successfully achieving our mission.  According to the Partnership for Public Service, GAO is consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in the federal government and has continually ranked number one among mid-sized federal agencies for its support of diversity in the workplace. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Support the execution of science and technology engagements including performance audits, technology assessments, and Comptroller General forums and roundtables;
  • Provide technical advice and support on engagements related to physical sciences, including chemistry, geology, nuclear energy, physics, space sciences, meteorology, and oceanography, in accordance with GAO standards;
  • Contribute to the development of the engagement’s approach, including participating in the preparation of the design matrix and project plan; conducting background research on scientific subject matter; preparing and organizing engagement-related documentation; data gathering and analysis from a variety of sources, including developing interview questions and taking thorough interview notes; and evaluating engagement-related documentation to make logical inferences and draw accurate conclusions;
  • Conduct interviews to gather appropriate information, and communicate relevant information to agency officials, team members, internal stakeholders, and congressional staff, during formal and informal presentations and meetings;
  • Conduct analysis of the engagement research data, responses received from interviewees, and other evidence that has been collected from various sources;
  • Prepare written summaries of interviews and analyses, and produce reports and other written products that effectively communicate information and findings;
  • Collaborate with others to address issues or solve problems and follow up with others to ensure needs are met; and solicit, listen to, and consider diverse perspectives, approaches, or viewpoints, and incorporate others’ perspectives into decision-making;
  • Support the data analysis and evaluation phase of the engagement related to physical science topics. This includes data analysis and message development by synthesizing technical information and drawing preliminary conclusions, and periodically presenting findings to engagement team members, management, and stakeholders;
  • Perform indexing and referencing of products and assist with the coordination of agency comments and the preparation of final products; and
  • Perform other duties as assigned




Applicants must have 1 year (52 weeks) of specialized experience at the next lower band level which has equipped the applicant with the skills and knowledge to successfully perform the duties of the position. Specialized experience for this position is defined as:

  • Analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to reach conclusions.

  • Presenting results in writing through research papers, dissertations, and other means.

  • Presenting results orally in presentations or defense of dissertations to supervisors, peers, or clients.

  • Conducting laboratory or literature research on physical science and technology topics.


  • Assessing the policy implications of science and technology issues in physical science topic areas, including foresight dimensions. Foresight refers to trying to anticipate and prepare for the potential future effects of scientific or technological changes, including unintended consequences.

You must meet all the requirements before the announcements closes. 


This position has a positive education requirement. Documentation to verify your education MUST be submitted with your application in order to be considered.

You must have:

A degree in physical science, engineering, or mathematics that included 24 semester hours in physical science and/or related engineering science such as mechanics, dynamics, properties of materials, and electronics.


Education equivalent to a major in physical science, engineering, or mathematics that included at least 24 semester hours in physical science and/or related engineering science, plus appropriate experience or additional education.

Conditions of Employment

  • Must be U.S. citizen
  • You must be suitable for federal employment.
  • You must be registered with the Selective Service as applicable.
  • You may be required to submit a financial disclosure statement.
  • Employees new to GAO must complete a two year probationary period.
  • You may be required to obtain and maintain a security clearance depending on the engagements, projects, and initiatives you are assigned to.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 57286543
  • Location:
    Dist. Columbia, United States
    Boston, Massachusetts, United States
    Dallas, Texas, United States
    Denver, Colorado, United States
    Huntsville, Alabama, United States
    Oakland, California, United States
    Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Position Title: Physical Scientist
  • Company Name: Government Accountability Office
  • Category: Government
  • Entry Level: Yes
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Duration: Indefinite
  • Min Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate
  • Min Experience: 1-2 Years
  • Required Travel: 0-10%
  • Salary: $56,371.00 - $113,140.00 (Yearly Salary)

Please refer to the company's website or job descriptions to learn more about them.

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